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Working Hours

To comply with B. & M. McHugh Limited Policy on excess hours and to ensure compliance with Railway Group Standard GH/RT 4004 with relation to the Safety Critical Work regulations 1994 all employees should ensure the following limits are at all times adhered to.

  1. No more than 12 hours to be worked per turn of duty. This period must include traveling time to and from the worksite.
  2. No more than 72 hours to be worked per calendar week (Sunday to Saturday).
  3. A minimum rest period of 12 hours between booking off from a turn duty to booking on for the next turn. This may be reduced to 8 hours at the weekly shift changeover, in the case of staff working a pattern, which rotates of alternates on a weekly basis.
  4. No more than 13 turn of duty to be worked in any 14 day period.