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Quality Policy

The company is committed to a quality policy, which will ensure that its operations and services meet the requirements of its clients at all times.

The management of the company are dedicated to quality excellence and by giving our clients total trust and satisfaction is a safeguard to the company's future.

Quality excellence can best be achieved by preventing problems rather than by detecting and correcting them after they occur.

Sustained quality excellence requires continuous improvement. This means regardless of how good present performance may be, it can become better.

Each department is responsible for reviewing its existing systems and methods and for revising them, as required, in line with this policy statement.

The quality policy involves all employees and the aims and objectives will be communicated as widely as possible. Practical assistance and training will be given, where necessary, to ensure the relevant knowledge and experience is acquired for successful implementation of this policy.

Total quality must be a permanent feature of the company's life. It will be implemented, monitored, improved and maintained as part of our ongoing improvement programme.